Product life cycles are getting shorter, takeovers expand the brand portfolio, but also increase the complexity. Sales channels are differentiated on the one hand and on the other hand is dominated by large customers. The growing power of large customers leads to increasingly tough negotiations and ultimately more complex price and condition systems. But the end customer is always less predictable: Communication channels into account the increasingly complex digital spectrum digital marketing accelerates communication, but poses significant integration requirements for individual information services to secure a desired contact experience. This change dynamics in particular the sales strategy must respond.

Trademarks are the trump cards of a company - and should be played smart. Studies show that brand strength protects against business risks - and, for corporate mergers, the value of a company depends largely on how robust its product brands. In numerous projects and initiatives, we have developed new tools to help our clients better understand the phenomenon of brand and manage their brands effectively. Especially in the digital domain: Whole marketing strategies need to be rethought in order for your brand to take advantage of the digital media and to achieve growth.

We assist our clients in all matters relating to their sales management and sales channels. The rule of thumb still applies: In sales are capable of loading and loyalty - and on all channels. Studies have shown that a multi-channel strategy is crucial. Companies that are active online and offline, attract and retain customers more successful in. We analyze multi-channel structures, for example, based on the interaction needs of customers and develop recommendations for improvement.