Direct relationships with customers are a privilege, but produce enormous amounts of data. Dealers and suppliers who know how to use this wealth of information for their business can significantly differentiate in the market and so hasten away the competition - provided they have the right tools and methods to raise the so-called "data treasure". Our experts have the knowledge and practical experience to manage data from different sources properly derive relevant knowledge and to create an evidence base that facilitates business decision making in the core processes of their business.
Customer requirements are constantly changing and increasing day by day. Not only the growing importance of e-commerce and the associated significant increase in degree of information of customers, but also the constant desire for novelty and variety are central challenges. In order to meet these challenges can increase our operational excellence across the entire value chain is always more to be a prerequisite.

To be permanently successful traders have to deliver on its promises to customers every day. At the same time they need to keep their operating costs under control in order to secure their profits. Consumer goods manufacturers are under pressure of customer expectations and competition: your operational functions they hold, therefore, to to increased efficiency. On the other hand, operating units need to have a sufficient level of agility in order to bring innovations to the way and effectively manage complexity can.

To achieve this, we advise our clients on all core operational areas - to strategies, supply chain management, production, lean operations, purchasing, design-to-value, procurement optimization, front-line and multi-channel processes. Our services range from cross-margin management to in-depth functional analyzes. We tailor our approach always exactly to the corporate strategy.

Our industry expertise based on years of practical experience we have gathered on both sides of the desk.