The increasing complexity and rate of change in consumer goods markets and industrial production requires a minimum of digitaltisation and the usage of new technology.
All companies throughout the supply chain (raw material suppliers, brand manufacturers, logistics providers and trade) to consumers through an increasing adaptation of speed and flexibility. Prompt recognition and assessment of changes and the Organisation are mandatory for your success.
These changes are even more than today critical success factors in the competition of tomorrow.

The digitisation of content, devices and distribution platforms can grow together previously separate industries, changing supply chains and create new business models.
kasPart consulting's mission is to support the converging industries in the field of IoT, Deep Tech, digitisation and new business models under one roof.

Direct relationships with customers are a privilege, but produce enormous amounts of data. Dealers and suppliers who know how to use this wealth of information for their business can significantly differentiate in the market and so hasten away the competition - provided they have the right tools and methods to raise the so-called "data treasure". Our experts have the knowledge and practical experience to manage data from different sources properly derive relevant knowledge and to create an evidence base that facilitates business decision making in the core processes of their business.

Global competition, cyclical markets and rapid technological change characterize the high-tech industry. Only companies with operational excellence and innovation can be successful in the long term in this environment.
We advise companies in the areas of software and IT services, datacom and telecom, enterprise computing and consumer electronics worldwide. Our advice ranges from the classic themes of top management to the current questions about Value Creation and operational improvement.