Hardly a competitive environment is as profound a change as the subject of energy and raw materials industries. Energy policy, deregulation, globalization and technological innovations provide the industry with great challenges, but also offer opportunities.
kasPart consulting helps its clients to develop customized strategies in this changing competitive environment.

Among the key sectors of the German chemical industry is particularly affected by changes in commodity prices - Energy costs represent 15 percent of the gross value of. At the same time arise from changes in the energy landscape and new opportunities. With innovations in the lightweight materials, insulation materials and battery technologies, the industry can take advantage of new sales opportunities.
Our clients include leading companies and SMEs. We consider the risks and opportunities of the chemical industry from a global perspective - and keep the regional characteristics of emerging and established markets always in view. Our knowledge of functional issues such as Operations, Organization and Corporate Finance, we combine know-how to the following materials: petrochemicals and inorganic basic chemicals, polymers, elastomers and fibers, specialty chemicals, advanced materials and agricultural inputs.